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The Nerds have Fallen

May 1st, 2020

Kris Jerome joined us to discuss 1998's Fallen. The movie was directed by Gregory Hoblit and stars Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, James Gandolfini, and Elias Koteas. 

The Nerds talk about this supernatural detective thriller film and try to figure out why this movie didn't do better in the box office. 

"After witnessing the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese, police detective John Hobbes, and his partner, Jonesy, are soon investigating another murderer whose mode of operation is eerily similar to Reese's. In the course of the investigation, Hobbes meets theology professor Gretta Milano, who introduces him to the world of the occult and the possibility that an evil spirit is behind the killings."


Kris Jerome

Kris is author of The Gods and Men Cycle Series (Wrath of the Fallen, Cries of the Forsaken). He is also the writer of the Graphic Novel Tarnished and ongoing comic series Discordia.


Kris is also the owner of Dark Tidings Press and has his own podcast called Gothic Dreadful Theatre 3000