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The Nerds Get Rabid w/Becky

March 14th, 2020

Thank you for joining us in the crypt. This time, Becky from "I Have a Strange Story" joins us to talk about 1977's David Crongenerberg directed movie Rabid.

We also talk about some indie creators at the beginning of the episode, who are friends of the podcast and could use your support right now with all the canceled cons.  

Eli Wolff |
@eli_wolff on twitter

Brett Weldele |

Eddy Hedington |

Jim Ferguson |

Rich Werner |

Chad Scheres |

Travis Bundy |
@ Bundymania on Instagram

Jenna Ayoub |
@Boneygjones on Instagram & Twitter



You can follow Becky on Instagram | @Ihaveastrangestory

Listen to Becky and her sister, Linsey on their podcast I Have a Strange Story