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“The Death Chute” Interview w/ Ambrose Stolliker

April 1st, 2019

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ambrose Stolliker once more, this time about his upcoming book "The Death Chute". The Death Chute will be out on April 9, 2019.  It will be published by Aurelia Leo, and be available in paperback and digital format. You can currently pre-order this book on the Aurelia Leo website:


I had an awesome time out in Fort Worth this past Saturday night at Texas Podcast Union Meetup. A big shout out to All Crime No CattleTrue Crime Fan Club PodcastThrift Therapygone cold podcastLone Star Law & Disorder PodcastBestDarnDiddlySwindled for a great meet up. Also a big thank you to the fans that came out and made this meetup possible. Stay tuned for information for other meetups coming this year.