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“In the Blink of an Eye” w/K. Patrick Glover

June 22nd, 2019

K. Patrick Glover joined us to talk about the upcoming Anthology, “In the Blink of an Eye”. This is a spin-off anthology based on the mythology that was created in the movie Butterfly Kisses

You can head over to Kickstarter and back the project. If you can not back the project, consider sharing the post with your friends. It is the best way to help any project.

In Elliott City, Maryland, there is an old railway tunnel, The Ilchester Tunnel, and if you manage to stare down to the other for an entire hour up to midnight, without blinking, it will summon Peeping Tom, The Blink Man. Once summoned, The Blink Man will watch over you, standing silently but getting closer each time you blink until his eyelashes are touching yours.

In the Blink of an Eye

About the project

Chief editor of Roxton Press and In The Blink of an Eye, K. Patrick Glover was inspired by Erik Kristopher Myer’s Butterfly Kisses and discussed the opportunity to combine all of the stories in one definitive tone.

Both Patrick and Erik Kristopher Myers have stories in the project. Other authors in the anthology will include:

  • Matt Lake: His books include the hugely successful “Weird” series
  • Patrick Storck: Patrick has written numerous comics for Disney Studios.
  • Megan Morgan: An acclaimed young adult science fiction writer. She is currently working on “The Altered Rise
  • William Couper: A Scottish writer of horror and speculative fiction.
  • Josef Richardson: A filmmaker and artist who worked on Butterfly Kisses and VHS 2.
  • Paul R. Sieber: An actor who has appeared in Ninjas vs Vampires and Ninjas vs Monsters.
  • Steve Toase: An author of numerous magazines and anthologies. He has two stories appearing in this year's edition of The Best Horror of the Year.
  • Shelly Davies Wygant: A local historian and author of the acclaimed Haunted Ellicott City.
  • Seth Adam Kallick: Author of American Nightmare.
  • Jacob le Doux: Star of the popular horror film 8 Ball Clown. He is also the front man for Crimson Orchid.

Additional Notes

We recently recorded our review of Summer of ’84 with our friends at Bloody Date night. We have also scheduled an interview with the co-writers of the movie. That will be a separate episode to the review.

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