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#020 Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects w/ Michael Stark

April 22nd, 2018

Michael Stark joined me to talk about his project, Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects. Wolverton started as an original screenplay by Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett. However, there was a need to turn this into a comic first.

Take a listen and find out how you can get a 2 for 1 offer. You can follow the project by heading to the official websiteTwitterFacebookInstagram.

In turn of the century London, Jack Wolverton, gentleman thief, specializes in stealing the arcane, the accursed and the occultic. With war about to break out, only he can stop the world’s most powerful artifacts (The Monkey’s Paw, The Hope Diamond and the Portrait of Dorian Gray) from falling into the wrong hands!

Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects

Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects is beautifully drawn and full of action. The story feels like a feature film that is reminiscent of classic heist films but with an occult twist. Jack Wolverton is a fun, charming and dashing hero. The objects that Jack is after also have a twist to them that is fun to figure out.


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