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#008 Voodoo Detective w/ R. Thomas Favino

October 17th, 2017

Welcome back to the crypt, and today we have the 1st of 2 interviews that we did for comics that are in the kickstarter phase.

We interviewed R.THomas Favino, creator of "Voodoo Detective" a very cool comic book that the nerds recommend very highly. Head over to the kickstarter, after listening to the podcast of course, and back this project.

Voodoo Detective

"VOODOO DETECTIVE: Old Wounds and Other Tales is a 48-page pulp-fueled horror comic that follows the exploits of Jackson Delmond, New Orleans' resident occult investigator, as he navigates the dark and unforgiving world of the swamp-filled, supernatural South.

Featuring the gorgeous artwork of Dominic Black and the visually stunning colorwork of Laura Lee, VOODOO DETECTIVE: Old Wounds and Other Tales is the first book in a new comic series, which boasts four separate, serial anthology-style stories."

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