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#021 Pinpricks (2018) & Lili: The Demoness (2018)

April 24th, 2018


Greg, David and I review Pinpricks & Lili: The Demoness. Jason Pell is the creator of Pinpricks. Luis Torress is the creator of Lili: The Demoness. Both of these projects were ready to end their run on Kickstarter when we reviewed them, but we still wanted to review them. The Nerds enjoyed being able to review them and recommend you all go check them out.


Cover for Pinpricks


First, we look at Pinpricks. Jason Pell created this collection of 101 illustrated short-stories. Some times the stories are a full page, and sometimes they're only a couple of sentences. David gave the perfect descriptions of this book by saying, "They are like snapshots of horror". The illustrations and stories go together so well and add give the reader chills.


At this point, the Kickstarter campaign is over, but if you like you can click here for the Kickstarter page. You can purchase this book on Amazon.




Cover for Lili: The Demoness


We also had the chance to read the working script for Lili: the Demoness. Luis currently has this project on Kickstarter but is quickly working on finishing up the project. Lili originally started off as a character in the anthology "Whispers In Necropolis #1" back in 2016.


You can follow Luis on his  Website and on Facebook.




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